Historic Linthicum Walks Arboretum

The Historic Linthicum Walks Arboretum has been accredited an ArbNet Level 1 Arboretum as of 8 August 2016.

Linthicum Walks is a historic home and farm complex in Crofton Maryland with a 19th-century frame dwelling (part of which may be 18th century), a mid-19th century meathouse, a family cemetery dating to the mid 19th century and an arboretum.

The Historic Linthicum Walks Arboretum maintains and extends the historical arboretum, is a natural space of the county park, and supports education for the community and nearby schools.

  • Historical continuity of the arboretum continues the plans of previous owners. Research on Linthicum Walks for the application to the National Register of Historical Places noted “Imported trees were planted earlier in the [20th] century due to the horticultural interest of a former owner.”
  • Maintaining and enhancing the natural space provides for Linthicum Walks to be used as public space and for private events as approved by the Friends of Linthicum Walks. Several local organizations are supportive of this mission including the Crofton Village Garden Club.
  • Education opportunities are open to both the visiting public and are anticipated for the new school complex that will be built adjacent to Linthicum Walks.

Listed below are trees located in the front yard of the house. A Full Listing of Trees in the Linthicum Walks Arboretum is available separately.  Also on a separate page is a listing of the tree species and their higher order groupings.

A listing of the Linthicum Walks Arboretum plants with pictures is available on Plants Map


Historic Linthicum Walks Arboretum – Front Yard

Front Yard Trees

Tree No. Tree Type
Other Information
1 Himalayan Cedar
2 Cryptomeria, Japanese cedar – cultivar Radicans   Full Tree;  Detail: Branch Cryptomeria japonica
3 Chinese Elm
4 Chinese Elm   Full Tree;  Detail: Mottled Bark
5 Dogwood   Full Tree Cornus
6 Maple   Full Tree;  Detail: Mottled Bark
7 Eastern Red Cedar   Full Tree Juniperus virginiana
8 Hickory   Full Tree;  Detail:Leaf
9 Red Spruce (Dying)   Full Tree
10 Chinese Holly
11 Quince
12 Dogwood
13 American Holly
14 Cherry
15 Persimmon Dirospyros
16 Persimmon   Full Tree;  Detail: Fruit Dirospyros
17 Crepe myrtle grove (~6 trees)   Full Tree
18 American Holly
19 Southern Magnolia
20 Scarlet Oak

Front Yard with Pond in the foreground

Front yard with pond

The Linthicum Walks Arboretum is listed in the Morton Register of Aroboreta.