ArbNet accreditation of Linthicum Walks Arboretum

The Historic Linthicum Walks Arboretum has been accredited an ArbNet Level 1 Arboretum as of 8 August 2016.  The Linthicum Walks Arboretum is listed in the Morton Register of Aroboreta.

The Morton Arboretum created the ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program to establish and share a widely recognized set of industry standards for the purpose of unifying the arboretum community and providing a mechanism for benchmarking and guidelines for professional development.

The Linthium Walks Arboretum achieved ArbNet Level 1 accreditation by meeting the following standards:

  • An arboretum collection with a minimum number of 25 kinds (species or varieties) of trees or woody plants that have been planted and are growing in accordance with an arboretum plan.
  • An arboretum public dimension that includes public access along with public events and educational programs focused on trees
  • Arboretum volunteers who ensure fulfillment of the arboretum plan and provide for the basic needs of the arboretum collection and functions of the arboretum.
  • An arboretum governing board dedicated to the arboretum plan and its continuation beyond the efforts of a single individual.

The President of the Friends of Historic Linthicum Walks, Katie Dentler, commented “The ArbNet accreditation confirms the value of the arboretum on this historic property. This accreditation provides a benchmark of the current state of the woody plants on the property and a basis for future development to continue our mission to “Preserve, Promote and Protect” our National Historic Register site. Through ArbNet, the Friends of Historic Linthicum Walks look forward to collaborating with other arboreta for scientific, collections, and conservation activities.”