The Friends of Historic Linthicum Walks

Founded October, 2013 in Crofton, MD.

The Friends of Historic Linthicum Walks Inc. – a non-profit corporation of the State of Maryland – was created

  • To preserve, restore, maintain, and operate historical, aesthetic, and cultural properties, buildings, fixtures, furnishings, and appurtenances of the property known as Linthicum Walks at 2295 Davidsonville Road Gambrills, Maryland,
  • To adapt its historic buildings and landscape for teaching and demonstrating the stewardship of cultural and natural resources
  • To foster the preservation, advancement, and welfare of Anne Arundel County, and to encourage the appreciation thereof by the general public, and to encourage others to do so.

Executive Board 2016-2017

  • President - Katie Dentler
  • Vice President - Sharon Gay
  • Secretary - Virginia Dentler
  • Treasurer - Peter Canine
  • Committee Chairpersons
    • Bylaws Committee Coordinator - John Dentler
    • Historian and Communications Chair - Barry Gay
    • Volunteer Coordinator - Sharon Gay
    • Cultural Arts Coordinator - MaryKay Honeycutt
    • Community Liaison Coordinator - Torrey Jacobson
    • Public Relations Coordinator - Katie Dentler
    • Gardens - Nancy Percivall
    • Arboretum - George Percivall
    • Chairperson - Debbie Nicholson